September 23rd, 2009

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Short Updates

My flu is getting a little better, going to try going back to work tomorrow, can't afford to miss much work. Plus, my excuse from the doctor only goes through today. I'm sure upper management will be fussing about my not being there (as they usually do if I get sick), but what do they want me to do... expose EVEYONE in the building to the flu?!?

Mom might be home from the hospital later today. I'm sure her cat "Booger" will be happy to see her. He always misses her when she's gone for any length of time.

Andrew nearly forgot to put his belt on this morning before going to school. The "alternative" school he is going to this year has a very strict dress code. If he had of shown up without his belt, they probably would have called here asking me to either pick him up, or bring his belt.
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Walmart FACTS

Just saw a "documentary" on CNBC about the "New" Walmart... nothing "new" in that documentary. I can say that honestly, since I work for the freggin' company. Several points:

1.) Walmart CEO said all associates are "family"... BULLSHIT... most people at the store I work at feel we are treated as cattle!

2.) Walmart CEO said all associates are offered health benefits... true... yet they are so expensive, we can't afford to have them deducted from our pay!

3.) Walmart is trying to look out for overworked foreign factory workers, which produce over 90% of the crap they sell... FALSE... they could care less unless they clear the bottom line!

4.) You get sick, swine flu or whatever, they want you to appear for work... an excuse from a doctor isn't "good enough"... gonna hate to see what happens when I go back to work tomorrow after the bout I've had with the regular flu!

Why am I working there, do you ask? It's a paycheck in this depressed area! I try to not give them the money back that they give me... most of my groceries come from Brookshires, the new electronics and most new DVDs come from the new "Best Buy" opened here recently.

A person in the documentary, maybe the current Doofus... err... Duke... said Sam Walton would be "proud" where the company is heading. Well... Sam Walton was for "Made in America", and fairness to the associates. I think he is spinning in his grave today the way the comany is going! The comapany is currently "mainstream Communist" since 90% of what it sells is made in China, and they are pushing hard to open more stores there!

As I said earlier, I work there for a paycheck. Might be loyal to them IF they were more loyal to their associates, which they would like to "turn over" as much as possible, to start newbies out at a lower wage!

Also, they've been cutting hours at our store lately like a mother f****r...the reason nothing is on the shelves, and it takes 2 hours to get checked out!