September 15th, 2009

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Three Facts

Three facts that warranted a post from watching the evening news...

1.) Local TV channel KTVE in West Monroe,LA/ElDorado, Ark. really needs to upgrade their "local" equipment to the digital age. The local news is still standard definition, but that isn't the main complaint. When NBC Nightly News started, it was high-def as normal. But since there is some bad weather in the area, KTVE started scrolling the local weather info over the NBC News, which reverts it back to standard def, and the volume increases to 3 times the previous level, the audio receiver going from "Dolby Digital" to "Dolby Pro-Logic". VERY annoying!

2.) Anyone against a national system of health care either works for the big insurance companies, works for an employer that offers affordable health coverage, or has no problem affording the high premiums they charge! They aren't stuck in a low wage job like a lot of Americans.

3.) ANYONE that believes a national health care system would have "death panels", deciding who should live or die, is a bloomin' idiot! They are as easily "brainwashed" as people that think there is a such thing as a "Supreme Being"!

/didn't vote fot the current President, but agrees with him on health care
//sits back, waits for a possible exodus of "friends" resulting from this post...
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Thought of a fourth "fact"...

Here's a fourth fact I was reminded of (think it at work a lot), while watching the movie "Religulous" again...

I live in the deep south, where there are supposedly a ton of "religious" people (judging from a freggin' church on nearly every corner)... in other words, "brainwashed masses". They believe everyone should "rest" on Sunday. If that is so, then why is Sunday one of Wal-Mart's busiest days?!? They come into the store in droves, forcing people to have to work on that day. Bunch of hypocrites if you ask me!

/probably more of a mass exodus of friends now
//just stating honest opinions
///churches should be taxed... it's "entertainment"... like movies, etc...taxing churches would more than pay for something useful, like national health care!