August 14th, 2009


Busy... Busy...

It was extremely busy at Wally World today. Now I know it's Friday... I know it's "back to school" time... but geesh! You'd think, since they are having the entire parking lot re-paved (albeit a section at a time), it would be a tad slower. But nooooo... busier than a normal Friday! Even the assistant manager at the morning meeting was surprised by how busy it was.

After the morning meeting, the lady from Personnel asked if anyone wanted to chip in for a pool on the Powerball lottery, which is up to $213 million. I told her I was short on cash till payday, and I'd pass this time. Actually, I had some cash... and being the greedy bastard that I am, stopped by on the way home to put some gas in the truck, AND buy 10 "quick picks" for tomorrow nights drawing! I'm a bit like Daffy Duck, when he and Bugs Bunny stumbled upon the cave full of treasure... "It's MINE...MINE...MINE!!!". That attitude might come back and bite me in the ass later... but I'm "risky" like that!

My son has gotten set up for the new school year. Mom took him for orientation today while I was at work. After that, they went by Wal-Mart (I had already left by that time), and she bought him a Blu-ray he wanted, "The Fast and The Furious"... which I could care less about seeing myself. Still haven't watched the actual "movie" on one of my last purchased Blu-rays yet, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". As habit with me, I usually watch bonus features on any disc first. The other night, I watched ALL the bonus features on that disc, then was too sleepy to watch the movie. Will watch it Monday when I am off work again. The bonus features were a bit over 3 hours total... for an 84 minute movie!

Now... time for a PC reboot... Windows just downloaded updates... needs a reboot to take affect...