August 9th, 2009

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Dropping like flies...

Last year, an employee in the garden center, only in his early 50's, died after going home from work one day. A few weeks ago, Wilbur, my co-worker in the dairy, died of a double aneurysm while behind the wheel, during his vacation(mid-50's). I get to work today, discover that Henry, one of the overnight people greeters, only in his late 50's, died around 7pm last night at his home. I had just seen him yesterday morning when getting to work.

Is Wally World cursed or something? I told another of my co-workers today that we might should start a "dead pool", but knowing my luck, being I work there also, I'd probably be the next to "check out"!

In other news, my end-of-the-month vacation was finally approved... so I'll have the work week of August 22-28th off... not going anywhere (can't afford to), but plan on just using the week to "unwind", maybe do some house cleaning while the kid is in school (I tend to clean better when alone for some reason).