August 4th, 2009


The day so far...

1. Woke up around 6:30am.
2. Showered, shaved, scooped and fed the cat.
3. Brewed a pot of coffee.
4. Browsed around online, listening to Bill Handel on
5. Ate a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl, took my blood pressure meds. (YES, I KNOW one cancels out the other!!!)
6. Put a load of laundry in the washer. Ran out of detergent, used Ajax dishwashing liquid as a substitute.

The day so far (Pt.2)...

7. Filled out a form to mail to the parish school system, so the son can get free school lunches again (hopefully).
8. Caught up on links on "".
9. Rebooted modem and router because DSL was getting sluggish.
10. Had another nice chat with my ladyfriend in Britain.
11. Put away laundry... cat jumped in the basket as soon as I sat it down:

12. Went to the living room to once again continue to watch the unwatched pile of DVDs.