July 18th, 2009



Just in from work, was in the department by myself until 1pm, the last hour I was working. Sitting here now listening to the rest of Leo Laporte's radio show on KFI, sipping a nice strong drink! Work two more days, then off Tuesday and Wednesday.

Heard a bit more about what happened to Wilbur, the co-worker who died. Heard around the store he had a double aneurysm, no other details yet.

The last two days, the big news here in the West Monroe area has been about some houses built around the levee of the Ouachita River, which, after the high water we had recently, are now teetering on falling INTO the river, because the soil eroded. All I can say is, I have no sympathy whatsoever for those people! They were dumb enough to buy property literally hanging over a fairly large body of water!