June 6th, 2009


Pharyngitis? Guess So...

My extremely sore throat and mild fever wasn't any better this morning. Matter of fact, with an increasing amount of coughing, it was MUCH more uncomfortable. SO, I call in to work, and head off to the state hospital to see a doctor.

After a 4 hour wait, I finally get called back to an exam room. I discuss my symptoms (even though the talking, in and of itself, hurts my throat) with the doctor. She looks in my ears and down my throat (I almost always gag on those tongue depressors) and said my throat was "extremely red and raw" in the back.

Her diagnosis: "Pharyngitis". Out of all the illnesses I've had in my 43 years on this planet, that was a new one on me. First time I had heard of it. Basically, it's described as a really bad sore throat, which I can tell, even painful to swallow water! NEVER recall a throat pain this bad before!

Anywho, they give me an injection in the rump, prescribe Amoxicillin 500 mg (one taken 3 times a day for infection), and a cough syrup, Dextromethorphan (one teaspoon every 4 hours as needed),and an excuse to be off work the rest of today, and all of tomorrow. After getting home, I called work to inform them I wouldn't be back till Monday.

Even though I think my job a bit tedious at times, I would MUCH rather be there than feeling as uncomfortable as I do right now. :-(