April 23rd, 2009


Day Off Randomness

Work should be "interesting" today, glad I'm off! Even with the weekend power outage, and the immense amount of "catching up" that had to be done afterwards, Wal-Mart doesn't want ANYONE to get any overtime. Thus, my department manager, who was called in on her two days off, now has to take today and tomorrow off instead, leaving the dairy department without anyone at all there until 1pm today, when Scott comes in. I'm predicting the milk and egg situation is getting pretty "dire" at the moment as a result!

Andrew got his school pictures the other day. Talk about a "smug mug"!...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY jadededges AND therealamy !!!

In other news, the AT&T tech guy that came out to fix the internets, said someone would be out in a few days to bury the cable he left on the ground. Well, when no one was home, they came out and "buried" it all right... NOT!!! In sections, the cable is clearly visible still! I called, they are supposed to come back out sometime in the next couple of days. An exposed wire can easily get chopped up by the lawn mower...

Noticed a friend is showing up under a "Mobile Contacts" section of "AIM"... wonder if they'll ever have an "Immobile Contacts" section for folks like me?