April 14th, 2009


Doctor this morning... blah...

I'll be leaving in about half an hour for my "every few months" checkup on my high blood pressure. Guess I'll get the results on the lab work from last week also. I know two of the three tubes of blood the vampires extracted from my arm were to check cholesterol and glucose levels, not sure what the third was for.

In other news, the clock on my coffee maker has a partial LED outage. The top part of the last number of the clock no longer lights up. Everything else still works fine though. This is my third coffee maker in the past five years. Am I just drinking too much coffee, or do I need to buy one of those "industrial" coffee makers, like the one you see in offices??
fawlty car abuse

Doc visit update

Well, all the blood work turned out fine. No worries there. Doc wasn't happy, however, when she took my blood pressure... it was 140 over 93. Told her I was taking my meds, but she wants me to now start watching my salt intake, and cut back on red meats... BLAH!! All I can say is I'll "try"... not gunna guarantee it!

In other news, the internet problems I posted about last Wednesday are STILL happening. Called AT&T Sunday evening about it, since it was regularly going "on and off", they ran me through a bunch of stuff I had done BEFORE I called them. Last thing the Indian woman on the phone talked me through was the diagnostic thing I mentioned in Wednesdays post. Internet light on the modem went green again (as it did previously), and the woman said to call back if the problem persists.

In todays call, got another Indian woman, she ran some kind of test on her end, saying there was no DSL signal detected, and she would try to get in touch with a line technician, then call me back.

Well, she called back in mid-post.... they are sending an "experienced line technician"* out sometime between 1-5pm tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully he'll be out after 2pm, because I won't be home from work until then!

Internet is at least "temporarily" back for now...

*If AT&T actually HAD "experienced line technicians"...I wouldn't be freggin' HAVING these kinds of issues to begin with!!!

UPDATE: Just got another call from AT&T... they are sending someone out THIS afternoon instead...

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: AT&T guy just left. Couldn't find anything wrong in the lines (inside OR out), but said the "dB level" was a bit low, so he put a noise limiter on the line to boost the signal, and if I still had issues, to call him back (he gave me his cell number).

At the SAME time, Andrew's councelor and HIS boss showed up, with some papers for Andrew's treatments to continue a while longer, even though the past few months have been incident free.

With all that has been going on today, it's been more hectic than a Saturday at work!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Internet went down again. Called "Bobby's" cellphone... he's stumped... bringing by a different DSL modem after I get home from work tomorrow...