March 15th, 2009


Management will throw a hissy fit, BUT...

My leg has had a throbbing pain most of the night, keeping me awake, even worse when I stand up. The new meds apparently haven't had a chance to "kick in" I guess. The doctor only wrote my excuse for yesterday, but wrote on the bottom, in sloppy handwriting, "Stay off leg as much as possible 3 days". In my line of work, I CAN'T stay off the leg any length of time.

So, to give the leg a bit more "healing time", I just called the absentee toll-free number, letting them know hours in advance I won't be in today. I'm scheduled off tomorrow and Tuesday. Hoping by then the meds will be taking effect enough by Wednesday for me to return to work. The managers will throw a hissy fit, since they say ANY absence is an "unexcused one", even WITH a doctors excuse, BUT... how the heck are you supposed to pick up stuff, pull pallets, etc... with a leg hurting so bad you have a huge risk of falling down?!? It's happened to me twice in the past couple of days here at home! Besides, this new round of severe pain STARTED Thursday night while doing just that, pulling a pallet off a truck!

Nice Mom...

Mama was nice today. Since I was told by the doctor to rest my leg a few days, she came over and did what Andrew SHOULD be doing... she washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and took out the garbage for me...

Gotta love her! :-)

Trying to get Andrew to do any housework is like trying to get the cat to eat raw broccoli!
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