March 3rd, 2009


Nothing major happening, just some randomness to waste your time...

Off today, but back to work at 5am central in the morn'. My days off are split this week. Will be off again Friday. Seems when your days off are split, it feels like you don't really have days off! The most I'll probably do today "housework wise" is take the garbage out to the side of the road (pickup is tomorrow), and wash some work clothes.

The distributor we get our eggs from at work recently switched from cardboard to styrofoam egg cartons. You'd think that would result in less eggs coming in broken. BUT, we're running across more broken ones instead! Go figure.

As of this writing, Andrew hasn't gotten into any more trouble in school. I told him a few weeks ago, if he gets through the remainder of the school year without any incident, I'd buy him a Xbox 360. Hopefully he'll stay out of trouble.

Still waiting for my tax refund. Should be here by March 17th, according to the IRS website. Got my eyes on a Sony 46" HDTV LCD TV for the living room, and a new surround system. The old TV and surround system still work, but are getting old, the TV will be 11 years old in May, the surround will be 9 years old in August. Figured it best to replace them BEFORE they completely "die", even though both aren't showing any signs of going out anytime soon. In my experience, electronic "failure" is usually sudden!

Downloaded a trial version of a WYSIWYG website builder. Gonna see if it'll be a good substitute for Yahoo Sitebuilder, which throws in a bunch of Yahoo specific code you have to edit out to get it to work on any other host. Don't really know enough to just use something like Notepad.