January 15th, 2009

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Sweet and Sour

Got my 6 month evaluation at the job yesterday. Making a "whopping" 60¢ more per hour. However, "home office" has stated, that as of week after next, the computer generated work schedules cannot be changed, they have to stay "as is". My schedule, and Scott's (a co-worker in my department) schedule, have both of us off three days... Monday, Thursday, and Friday. As a result, there will be times that NO ONE will be in the dairy section to stock anything, including milk and eggs, which usually "fly" off the shelves! Yes, this will end well.../sarcasm. The days I am working are the 5am-2pm shift, which has been Wilbur's schedule for most of the 14 years he has been there. He now has mostly 7am-4pm and 1pm-10pm shifts, which, understandably, he isn't happy with. Even though the store manager isn't responsible for these changes, Mary Jo, our department manager (and another long-time employee), said something about she was going to "rip him a new asshole" sometime today. She's one of those women you don't want to get angry, you wouldn't like her when she's angry...

Andrew is home from school today. Got a one-day suspension for smarting off at the gym coach. The new meds aren't doing anything. I think he needs anger counceling, not medicine.