December 1st, 2008


Off the next two days...

Being as lazy as possible the next two days, since NEXT Monday and Tuesday will be occupied. Next Monday, I have an appointment at the clinic for a check-up on my blood pressure. Appointment is at 9:45am, but it usually takes FOREVER at that place! Then, next Tuesday, I have to be at the Ouachita Parish Court House at 8:00am, for juror selection, since I got called for jury duty yet AGAIN! That will also probably consume any "free" time I'll have that day!

Todays plans are as follows:

1. Wash and dry a couple of loads of laundry. [COMPLETED]
2. Finish editing the remaining fubar HTML from Yahoo Sitebuilder so my website somewhat works on a "real" webhost. [COMPLETED]
3. Take Eastwood for his yearly check-up and shots at the vet. He has a 12:45pm appointment. He won't be a "happy camper"! [COMPLETED]
4. Once back home from the vet, park my ass in front of the TV and continue trying to catch up on the unwatched DVD pile! The "Living Room Cam" will most likely be running then, if you just want to be nosey. [IN PROGRESS]

As for the second thing on the list, the pages appear to load properly on my computer and my sons computer, using IE7, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. If there are still a few bugs, I'll worry about them later. The new host has a neat feature that Yahoo didn't... to easily implement a way to prevent people from "hotlinking" images from your site. Been wanting to do that ever since, during a random Google search of my site, found a few images hotlinked on a forum. If someone hotlinks from my site, they now automatically get this image:

The new host also has detailed Webalizer and Awstats, yet another feature the more expensive Yahoo didn't have.
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Diet Time!

Eastwood's not gonna be a "happy camper". Dr. Malta wants him to cut down on food and treats, and switch to a "light" cat food. Today at his yearly check-up/shot appointment, he weighed in at a whopping 16.6 lbs... almost two pounds more than this time last year!

He drooled all the way home... he absolutely HATES that liquid worm medicine they shoot down his throat with a syringe every time!