September 5th, 2008

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Long day at work

Even though I worked the normal "8 Hour Day" today, it seemed much longer, and was extremely busy, even for a Friday! Guess because the school kids were out all week because of Hurricane Gustav, and also there are still a lot of evacuees in the area from the southern parts of Louisiana.

Finally, a day before the new work week starts, I find out what my schedule will be. One of my co-workers in the dairy department is taking a week off, so everything had to be shifted around a bit. Still off Monday and Tuesday of the week, but working a lot of 7am-4pm shifts, instead of the later shifts. The new dairy manager, who took over from Joey, because he went to become an assistant manager at the Monroe Wal-Mart, is trying to talk the assistant manager over our part of the store into letting the dairy guys "rotate weekends off". That means, since there are four of us, I'd get at least one weekend a month off (but would have one looong stretch of days to work after that weekend). All for getting an occasional weekend off! I could catch Leo Laporte's radio show live, instead of listening to the podcasted version a week later.

Instead of the usual couple of bourbon and Pepsi's in the evening, I decided tonight to buy something I haven't bought in nearly a decade and a half. Almost forgot how good these things are...