September 1st, 2008


Northeast Louisiana and Hurricane Gustav

From the latest projected path, looks like this part of the state is going to miss out on the harshest part of Hurricane Gustav. I live in the northeast corner of the state. We will, however, probably get more weather from it than we did from Katrina... we got absolutely nothing from Katrina, it was nice and sunny the entire time!

In case one might be a tad curious as to what kind of weather this corner of the state is getting, however, I've repositioned the "Bedroom Cam" in one of the windows...

Also, for a while at least, the "Random Streaming Cam" will be on, with the same view as the above mentioned cam. Picture might not be "great", since the cam is having to shoot through a window screen.
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Darkness Falls...

It got too dark outside for the cam to even register a picture, so the "storm cam" is now back to its normal "default" position.

/Philips webcam doesn't have "night vision"
//does fairly well in "low light" however
///still just drizzling rain with a few gusts outside at 7:40pm