July 2nd, 2008

drink coffee

Small list of rants for the day

1.) If you call Wal-Mart around 1:30 in the afternoon asking if we have the Lactaid 2% milk without calcium fortification, because your girlfriend can only get that variety with her WIC vouchers, don't wait nearly 6 hours later to come get some, especially around the first of the month! We only get a couple of cases in on the truck each evening(each case only has 8 cartons), and if that is the only kind available on WIC, given the huge amount of people in this area on that program, it is bound to go FAST! Whoever you talked to at 1:30 that said we had some was probably correct at the time, and if you had come directly to the store after you called, you might have found it!

2.) This happens nearly every other day, so I'm going to rant about it now... when I'm out at the egg bunker stocking eggs, don't complain to ME about how much they cost! I have nothing to do with the prices... I just bring them out of the back and put them in the bunker!

3.) I stopped by the gas station on the way home to fill up the Ranger... total came to $42.15! Holy Fuck! Never cost me that much to fill up that little 4-cylinder Ranger before! Might need to steal my sons bicycle (since he rarely uses the darn thing) and start pedaling to work if this continues much longer!

4.) Still getting "mystery bruises". The one on the right side of my stomach went away, but now I have one under my navel, and one on my upper right arm! They aren't sore, they're just "there". Might need to tell the doc at my July 18th appointment about them. I put in the computer at work I needed that day off, but as I suspected, I'm on the schedule that day for 12-9pm. If they don't change it, guess I'll call the toll-free absentee number on that day.