June 13th, 2008


Friday the 13th...

Guess I'm having one bit of "bad luck" today, was going to try to go back to work, but when I got up earlier this morning, I felt like the room was spinning, and my face went numb for a few seconds again. Called the tool free absentee number for work, got my confirmation number, but a manager from the store never answered the phone. Figured I'd try calling back later, but my mother came over to check on me, said he had to go to Wal-Mart for a few things, and SHE would try to talk to a manager in person while there.

The doctor only gave me an excuse from work for the two days I was in the hospital. Both my mom and I agree it should have been longer, because the meds they prescribed haven't really had time to do whatever they need to do. I'm going to attempt, yet again, depending on how I'm feeling, to return to work tomorrow. I'm a bit woozy-headed still at the moment, and my vision is still blurring from time to time. Not sure if that is from my health problems, or the meds. The blurriness didn't really start until I started on the meds.

Speaking of the meds, apart from the aspirin a day they told me to take, I'm also now taking Plavix (geesh, EXPENSIVE!), Pravastatin (generic for Pravachol), Metoprolol, and on an "if-needed" basis, Nitroquick, in case those chest pains return. Feel like I'm turning into a walking pharmacy!
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Going to work tomorrow, regardless of how I feel

Made my decision already. I really don't feel "bad" overall, except for the dizziness (which could be from the meds, which I'll HAVE to take anyway) and the occassional facial numbness, so I'm going to attempt to go back to work tomorrow, since the doctor only wrote my excuse for the two days I was at the hospital. Not going to risk driving myself there, however. Talked to my mother, she said she would drive me there. I don't have my schedule for tomorrow, so I'm going to show up around 11am, fairly certain I wouldn't be scheduled earlier than that. If I'm not scheduled till 2pm or so, mom said she'd bring me back home until time to clock in.

I know you're saying, "Call the store to find out when you are scheduled!" Well, I'm not going to bother trying. Couldn't get a manager on the phone this morning, and even my mother couldn't find a manager to talk to in person when she went there earlier today, after having a CSM (Customer Service Manager...low tier in the chain, no real authority) AND a people greeter page one on the walkie talkie, so I doubt this time on a Friday evening (as busy as that place is on Fridays) I could get one on the phone!