May 30th, 2008

nerd alert

Son is offline for a while

This morning Andrew downloaded and installed SP1 for Vista and installed it. All went well. He then installed the "Optional" updates, and lost all internet connectivity. Apparently the update for the wireless USB adapter that receives the signal from the Linksys router in this room, lost the drivers. Before going to work today, I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the software for the device on his PC, to no avail. I tried resetting all the network connections, nada. Sooo... as a last resort, I gave him the HP restore discs I made for that computer when I had it, told him to back up all the stuff he wants to keep on CDs and DVDs (he knows how to do that, he's had to do it before), then reformat. After the reformat, reinstall the device driver from the Linksys CD, if it works, go to Grisoft and download the free AVG AntiVirus, then do Windows Update, WITHOUT the "optional" updates, just SP1 for Vista.

I installed the optional updates on this Vista machine, no problems occurred. At least, none that have popped up yet...

Son is online again

When I got home this evening, my son was still making backup discs for the stuff he wanted to save, before doing a complete reformat. I was tired, but showed him how to make a backup of his Firefox bookmarks. Then, I decided to come to my computer, try downloading the wireless adapter drivers from the Linksys site, burn them to a disc, and use that to try to install on his machine. Same result as using the supplied disc... drivers would not install, and the adapter kept showing up as an "Unidentified Device!".

Went BACK to the Linksys site, and after a lengthy conversation with a person named "Pooja Pawar" in their live chat thingy, the same conclusion I had earlier about reformatting the system was reached.

Then something popped into my tiny little brain. I suddenly remembered some problems I was having with the old Intel PC Pro webcam. It had trouble with drivers in the XP and Vista systems it has been used on, until I unplugged it from one USB port, then plugged it into a different one, then it worked perfectly. Soooo... making a long story short, I tried that with the wireless adapter on his PC. What'd ya know... instant internet access! If I had remembered that little thing several hours earlier (counting yesterday), I wouldn't have had to go through all that other hassle!

Only seems to work in the front USB ports though... doesn't function in neither of the 4 ports in the rear of the machine. Worked fine in the back until that "optional" Windows Update for the device.

The mysteries of life....