May 28th, 2008


Shorter Hours

For the next couple of weeks, the job has cut EVERYONE'S hours by a few hours a week, mine are cut down from the usual 40, to 33. They cite lower sales as the reason (I don't really believe that though, we seem busy as ever!). A few of the days they have me working 7 hour shifts, and if I can, I'm going to use a ploy to get out of the store an hour earlier those days.

Today for example: I'm scheduled to work 2-9pm. You don't necessarily have to clock out for the lunch hour at the time posted on the schedule, you can go a bit earlier if you're caught up on stuff, or you can go later, just not over 6 hours later, you'd get a write-up for that. If I clock in at 2:00, wait till 8:00 to go to lunch, and I'm only scheduled till 9:00, I can just go ahead and go home. Nothing "illegal" about that, already asked some co-workers that have worked there several years.

Just need to eat a decent amount before leaving the house today!
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That was fun!

Not long after getting in from work this evening, got a "StickamAlert" over AIM stating that "The Giz Wiz" was broadcasting. Thought it was odd, since he wasn't doing shows for Leo Laporte today, but went there anyway. Dick DeBartolo seems to be having a blast with Stickam, he turned it on while doing a segment on a radio show that can be heard HERE.

There were about 12 or so people in the Stickam chat. He mentioned on his live radio segment about an early digital music player, a 32MB model that cost $250 back when it came out. In the chat I made mention of the first CD player I bought, back in early 1984, that cost $599. He seemed intrigued by that, and wanted the specifications. Told him I no longer have the manual that came with it, so I'm a bit in the dark about the EXACT specs, but I told him I have pictures of it (front, side, and rear) on an old journal entry. He asked me to email him a link to the entry, so I did.

Guess you could say that was my "brush with greatness" for the day (not that I have many of those however!). Here's a screen capture of the broadcast...