May 10th, 2008

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Workplace "excitement", but not in the "good" sense

A little bad "excitement" at the workplace today. I got called out to collect carts on the parking lot for awhile today, since two of the new cart people called in, and on my way to the front of the store from the dairy, I saw numerous people and managers running rapidly outside the grocery side entrance. I was heading for the general merchandise side of the store. Had no clue what the fark was happening. Found out later that some moron grabbed a womans pocketbook, ran out the door with it, hopped into a car, sped off, nearly running over some customers on the parking lot. West Monroe Police Department showed up about 5 minutes later and took statements from witnesses. One witness said they got the license plate number of the idiot, so hopefully they'll get him!

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue! (Obscure movie quote?)
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