April 25th, 2008


Late Lunches

The past two days, I've had to postpone my lunch at work by up to an hour, because of delivery trucks showing up earlier than usual. Normally, my lunch falls in the 5-6pm hour, so I go out to my truck and listen to "The News-Star Hour" on the radio. Nothing worthwhile on the three local AM talk stations worth listening to after that (could care less about Michael Savage), so just now, I put some fresh audio podcasts on my recently purchased MP3 thingy to listen to.

Working 12-9pm today, still not quite rested from yesterday yet. Remembered to pick up a container of coffee last night after work though. Darn stuff done went up in price yet AGAIN! Last time I bought the Foldgers Dark Roast blend, it was $8.68... last night it was $9.58! When will it ever end?!?

/NEEDS coffee in the morning to "get started"!