April 14th, 2008

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Oops, he did it again!

Andrew got suspended from school for a day (tomorrow), for acting up again. Thought all this mess was past us. He was caught using the "N" word referring to the blacks in school, drawing inappropriate pictures, talking about sexual things, and constantly talking about his new girlfriend. Confronted him about it when he got home a few minutes ago, he said he didn't do anything, then turned right around and said, nearly shouting, "Well, I hate them damn n****rs!"

Not sure where he got that from, possibly his asshat mom is the only guess I have, and maybe the ex-wife's stepdad, who, from what I can recall, was a big-time racist. Andrew spent too much time in that circle of asshats. I know he didn't get it from me, since I like everyone, as long as they like me, no matter who they are.

He is now in his room moping. Mainly because I came down hard on him. His "girlfriend" just called. I answered the phone, told her for the next two weeks, she can only call him on weekends. I also disconnected his computer from the internet (he still has "limited" browsing with his PS3 though, which I left in his room), hid the cellphone he bought a few months ago, and password protected his Dish receiver to where he can only get TV-Y7, TV-G, and G-rated fare for the next two weeks.

Bad thing, Cognitive Development Center hasn't seen him in nearly 4 months, and the counselor there said they are getting ready to "let him go", because he's been doing so well. I told the lady from the school about that when she called, and she said she'd fax them the problems that lead up to this one-day suspension.

If this grounding is anything like the ones I've put on him in the past, he'll be over his mopiness by tomorrow.

Cats like clean things!

I know I need to wash the various towels I have around the house when Eastwood doesn't sleep in a certain place in a while(just the ones he sleeps on, the rest get washed a lot more regularly). He likes that sad ol' half-box an old HP printer came in. Washed Eastwoods "sleeping quarters" bedding today, he's comfy again in that box under the table in the living room that a speaker is setting on.

Peeked in on Andrew a while ago, he's under the covers in the bed, apparently cried himself to sleep.