March 25th, 2008


Archaic Laws, a random observation

See if either of these things make any sense to you at all:

1. The city of West Monroe, Louisiana, and the surrounding unincorporated parts of Ouachita Parish, prohibit the sale of any alcoholic beverages on Sundays, yet, if you are left "high and dry" on a Sunday, all you have to do is drive 4 miles, across the river, to the city of Monroe, and, because of a recent vote in that city, you can buy all the alcohol you want.

2. The entire parish prohibits the sale of explicit adult videos in stores, yet I've had no problems ordering them from mail order companies in the past. You can also get the content online, and, like I'm currently doing, subscribe to an explicit adult channel on Dish Network(have the channel password protected so the son doesn't stumble across it). Why not let stores sell them also, since the current law doesn't stop the content from entering the parish?

I know both of the above things are considered "vices", and, yes, I'm guilty of both... but everyone has some kind of "vice", whether they'll admit to it or not.
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Verrrry Interesting... (in best Arte Johnson voice)

Corey Crowe and Bob Teague just mentioned me on "The News-Star Hour" (5-6pm US central time)... apparently my post about their small radio studio made their listenership go up a bit... "globally" even...

They didn't mention the original LiveJournal post however, they found it on Facebook... I have my LJ posts "feeded" there automatically.
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