March 5th, 2008

fawlty car abuse

Grrr x 2...

Don't ya just hate it when you have a really rough day at work, and when you get home, the first thing your offspring manages to do is piss you off? Well, that happened this evening. His bedtime is 9:30pm on school nights, yet, when I opened the door, there he was sitting on the sofa (this was a few minutes past 10). He said he couldn't find either one of his two asthma inhalers. I asked him where was the last place he had them, he said "They were on my bed last night." First thing I told him was, "The bed is no place for keeping your inhalers."
He retorted (how'd THAT word manage to enter my vocabulary?!?), "Well, that's where I always keep them!"

I asked him had he tried looking for them when he got home from school. He said "yes". I told him he should have kept looking till he found them, because those things don't just get up and walk away! After a bit of interrogation, I found out he had stopped looking for them at some point, and got on his computer. Right then, I was thinking to myself (and it was flowing from my lips at the same time), "Knew I should have never gave you that computer!".

Anywho, we searched nearly a half hour more, including under the sheets, under and on both sides of the bed... no inhalers. Bad thing, Medicaid only pays for one every 20 days, and his most recent refill was about 5 days ago. If I have to get another this soon, it's going to be money out of my pocket! I gave him a stern lecture and told him to go on to bed (he has school in the morning, and last time he "claimed" to have not gotten enough sleep, he got into trouble at the school the next day). As a result, he pretty much "cried himself to sleep". If he gets an asthma attack tomorrow, his grandmother can take him to the hospital, and he can explain to the doctor why he doesn't have his inhalers. His grandmother will probably be more stern with him than I was about the matter... you just don't mess with my mom, she gets angry, she's a spitfire!

I blame my ex for EVERY problem my son has. She treated him bad the years he lived with her... and it was HER side of the family that gave him the asthma. As far back as my mom and I can remember, no one on either the LaComb or Sims sides of the family ever had asthma. Ex-wife has it, and according to my son, continues to smoke. Maybe she'll drop dead soon as a result!

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