November 9th, 2007

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Even though I was off today, my mom volunteered to take my son to his every three months doctor appointment at Conway Hospital for his asthma checkups. Since the psychiatrist at Cognitive Development hasn't scheduled him an appointment in the last couple of months, and I don't want Andrew to get kicked out of school for behavioral problems, the doctor there was supposed to write him a new Adderall prescription. Well, my mom goes to the pharmacy a bit later in the morning, after bringing Andrew back here after seeing the doc...then goes to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions for both the asthma and the ADHD. After having to wait an enormous amount of time for it to be filled (because Walgreens had to contact the hospital about info for his Adderall then wait for a fax back from them), my mom was way later than expected returning home. When she gets back, she checks the bags... no Adderall, another antihistimine instead! Not good, since Andrew runs out of the medicine in 6 days! She just left, going back to Walgreens.

I blame the pinheads working at the state run hospital, not Walgreens...
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