October 11th, 2007


Doctor's visit

Instead of going to work this morning, I went to the hospital instead. Leg was hurting so bad it was unbearable. After about a 2 hour wait (much less time than I expected), I got to see the doctor. I described my symptoms to her, she moved my leg into various positions, had me apply pressure on it, then determined that no x-rays were needed, and that it was a muscle sprain (pretty much what I thought it was all along, but I thought it would have worked its way out, insteading of getting three times more painful after working yesterday).

Anywho, the doctor wrote an excuse for me to be off work through Saturday, and I have three prescription meds to take... a muscle relaxer, a pain reliever, and a steroid (glad two were "generics", would have been a LOT more expensive otherwise). Also need to stay off the leg as much as possible until then.

Other than that, not much else new to report at the moment...