September 18th, 2007


Why do all the "crazy" folk shop at Wally World?

What a week so far... and I've come to that observation because of only two customer "carry-outs" I've had to do so far.

First one was yesterday. A woman needed help getting a 32" RCA ("Really Crappy Apparatus") CRT television out to her vehicle, and since those things weigh a ton, I got Hank to help me with it. After we got one on the cart, the woman said, "No, I don't want that one! Looks like the box has been opened!" Neither Hank or I could notice anything of the kind. Then she said, "I want that one!", pointing to the one next to it. So... we put back the first one, and load the second one on the cart. After she paid for it, we followed her out to her vehicle. She told Hank, when he asked what kind of vehicle she was driving, a Tahoe SUV, so we thought, no problem then, plenty of room for this television... WRONG!!! When she opened the back hatch of the Tahoe, what do we see? TWO freggin' 24" RCA CRT televisions in boxes already in there, along with a Magnavox DVD/VCR combo machine! Don't know what the HELL this woman was thinking!
Anywho... Hank had a brainstorm. We removed the two 24" models from their boxes and put those side by side in the second row of seats. We let down the third row, unboxed the 32", and managed to squeeze it into the back. Then, I took all that cardboard, broke it down, and took it to the back to put in the cardboard compactor.

Second was today. An older lady, my guess in her late 60's, was going to need help getting her groceries to her car. A CSM (Customer Service Manager) comes outside, ask if I can help with a carry-out, so I stop cart collecting and go inside. Find out the cashier is still in the process of ringing up the womans groceries (not good since I was pressed for time... one cart person called in today). After everything was totaled, the woman realized she was about ten dollars short to pay for it (she brought money in, but left her purse in the trunk of her Toyota). She then very slowly leaves the line, heading out the door for the other ten dollars, keeping me AND two other customers in line waiting! She returns to the register with the money, I put the groceries in the cart, and proceed to follow her out to her car, which, luckily, wasn't halfway across the lot as I expected, but near the front in a handicapped space.

In other work related news, Allen, one of the assistant managers, told me today he talked to department managers about me, and "promised" to have me an "inside position" by at least three weeks. Hope he can maintain that "promise"!

/off tomorrow... and GLAD!
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Apart from the stressed rants in the previous post, I come home to find out that one of my oldest "internet friends" ("Oldest" as in years known, not age) is heading towards "D-I-V-O-R-C-E", as Tammy Wynette would have said... always considered them the near-perfect couple (nobody's completely "perfect")...

/needs another drink because of this news :-(