September 11th, 2007


My son won't like it, but "Oh, well..."

Just called Dish Network and knocked my subscription package down to the "local channel" package, which also includes a few "public interest" channels like C-Span and NASA TV. Trying to trim my budget in every place I can think of, and being I've not been watching much actual TV since I started working again (been online and watching DVDs mostly), couldn't see the added expense of keeping the higher packages. So now, my bill goes down from nearly $100/month to $10.99/month. I know I could save that also, by going back to using my old-fashioned roof-top anteanna, but a couple of local channels have NEVER come in very clear using that method.

Another reason I really couldn't justify the cost of keeping all those channels, it seems most of the time they were showing reruns, and the amount of commercials on those basic channels just seems to keep growing. Also hate the fact that some channels were "straying" from their original purpose (TV Land wasn't showing enough 50's & 60's shows, and VH1 Classic started showing less old music videos... heck, even the Science Channel was occassionally airing movies instead of documentaries!). About the only things I was watching semi-regularly anymore was the news channels (can get most of my news online, and on the trusty ol' NBC Nightly News), and "Real Time with Bill Mahrer" (not worth paying HBO $18.99/month for ONE show though).

Andrew will be a bit disappointed when he gets home from school today and doesn't see Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickolodeon, etc... but even he doesn't watch as much actual TV as you'd think... most of the times it's his video games. I think he'll get over it... maybe it'll even give him incentive to clean his room if he gets "bored"... or maybe not...

All for this post... today, tomorrow, and Thursday, I'm working 2-11pm... think this is the first time since I started working there that I've had three "closings" in a row...