July 9th, 2007

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Son and his waste...

After going into my sons room this afternoon to organize and straighten it a bit, I found a lot of empty PS2 game boxes, and the game discs themselves just lying around everywhere, even on the floor. Started picking them up, discovering some games not in the proper boxes, etc. After I finished, I noticed he had two copies each of "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" and "Grand Theft Auto Vice City". My guess is, since he can't seem to keep the games straight, and is too lazy to put them back in their proper place after he uses them, he just "assumes" they are lost forever, and gets my mom to buy him another copy when she takes him shopping, while I'm sure that if she knew we had already bought him a certain game once, she would not buy them for him again!

So, guess I need to make a list of the games he has, hand it to her, and tell her if, when she takes him to the store with her, he asks for a game... check the list first before buying it for him! If he cant take care of the games he has, or misplaces them, he will not get get another copy of them!

Gotta run up to the Boys and Girls Club in a few minutes to pick him up....
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