June 11th, 2007


Well, THAT freggin' figures...

I go to all the trouble to make sure I had tomorrow off to take Andrew for his monthly psychiatrist appointment, and they just called to say that they needed to move his appointment to a different day, because the doctor won't be in. They don't even know what day yet, saying they'd call me back soon with an appointment. This leaves me with a third day off this week (that third day will cut into my paycheck).

Guess I should have taken my mom up on her offer. She had offered to take the day off instead to take him (she could take it as a "leave day" and still get paid for it), but I didn't want to put her to any extra trouble. The "new" appointment will be most likely very short notice, and I don't think I could get off work for it easily. So, I'll inform my mom, and when they reschedule (hopefully soon... he only has five days worth of meds left), she can take the day off to take him.