May 18th, 2007


Work called yesterday

Got a call from Cynthia from work yesterday afternoon. It wasn't to come in to work though, it was to come in for my 90 day evaluation. Apparently I must be doing something "right"... I got a 40¢/hour raise. Gotta work all weekend though... 8am-3pm today, and 7am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.

Might be a tad sleepy at work tomorrow however... expecting some "out of town" company this evening... a person from my LiveJournal Friends list I've never met in "real life" is passing through town, and is planning to stop by for an hour or two. Wish I had time to clean this messy house a bit before then! Will probably have the cams on to document the visit, which should be sometime after 6pm central time.


Got home a bit earlier than I anticipated today. I was the ONLY one working the whole freggin' parking lot until 2pm. Didn't get to clock out for my lunch break (since there was no one to relieve me) until the other guy showed up at 2, and being we get an hour lunch break, and I was scheduled to get off at 3pm anyway, I just went ahead and came home. The cart peoples schedules have been messed up for nearly three weeks now. You'd think a store that size would be a bit more organized... oh, wait... this is "Wal-Mart" we're talking about... nevermind...
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Expecting Company

A person I've known for years on LiveJournal is popping in for awhile when she gets into town. Never met her in person before, but I feel as though I've known her and her family for ages, through her many blog and vlog posts. She has been posting pictures of her journey here...

Also have a 15 second "refresh" cam on my website.

/knows there's no sound on the stream... there's a bug in the system somewhere...