May 15th, 2007



Just tried to install that USB video input device I bought just late last year for nearly eighty bucks to the new 'puter, to transfer some more old video tapes to DVD... and it's not Vista compatible... not yet anyway. Apparently ADS is working on drivers... but until then, I'm screwed in regards to getting video into the computer... meh.

Hmm, interesting...

As recently as two weeks ago, I went to BellSouth AT&T's website to see if 6.0 DSL was available out here in the boonies yet (been using 3.0). It wasn't. Went there again today... it was listed as available to my address. Needless to say, I ordered it.
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The crazy ol' coot kicked over...

Looks like Jerry Falwell had good timing... I was just starting to get a bit bored. Now I can be entertained, by going to "Fark" and watch the Farkers there "rip him into shreds" !

/that is, IF the power stays on...
//lights are a-flickerin'
///thunderstorm in progress as I type
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