May 8th, 2007


Don't do much good to ask for a day off, do it?

On April 5th, one day after Andrew's last appointment at Cognitive Development, I informed one of the CSM's at work I would need May 8th off for his next appointment (they like to be informed at least three weeks in advance if possible). Once the schedule for this week was posted, I noticed they had me down to work 7am-4pm today. So... I've reminded the CSM that I informed about my day off request (she still had the note in her book), also have told two other CSM's and the manager over me about the situation. We've worked it out to where, instead of going on lunch break at 11am, I leave to get Andrew to his appointment this afternoon at 1:45pm. That will give me time to get a shower, change clothes, get him picked up from school, and over to Monroe for his appointment.

Also, I need to leave word while there for his appointment, that the counselor that has been calling a few times trying to find a good time to come by the house to meet with Andrew and I (been getting in too late to call him back), might can stop by next Thursday afternoon once Andrew is out of school for the day, since I'll be off work.