April 14th, 2007

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Who ordered the cold, wet weather?

I was comfortable in my short sleeves when I went to work this morning, but by the time I left, I was freezing! On the way home, light percipitation was falling, enough to where I had to turn my truck's wipers on. Damn Louisiana weather!

In other news, two of the six scheduled "cart people" at the job called in today. It got so bad before the other two scheduled at 2pm came in, that the manager and one of the co-managers had to come out on the lot to help out. Chris, one of the few reliable people we have, said the management is probably "afraid" to let the habitual no-shows go, because they have such a hard time finding people who want to do the job. Me, I say, if they don't want to work, let 'em go! If they aren't there, it won't make that huge of a difference anyway.

I'm scheduled off tomorrow. Already warned Andrew, that if the phone rings tomorrow, look at the caller-ID before answering. If it says "Wal Mart Supercenter", DON'T answer it... let the answering machine answer instead!