March 12th, 2007



I must be "desperate" to catch up on things.... I'm off today, and have been up all night in front of this new computer... just went to the bedroom to turn off the alarm clock. Andrew'll be getting up soon to get ready for school...

Slowly Gettin' This Thing To My Liking...

Stayed up ALL night last night since I was off today, fiddling with the new HP Vista Home Premium PC. Took a coupla hours nap this morning after Andrew got on the bus for school. Got a few things accomplished. Managed to get all three webcams to function in Vista, after searching Google for drivers, even the 7 year old Intel PC Pro "kitchen cam". Finally gave up trying to figure out how to get this computer and the old one I gave Andrew working with the router on my own, and around 2am last night, called Linksys support. They talked me through a ton of settings, had me change the pre-set local IP address in the router, because they said there was an IP conflict between the router and the new Netopia modem that BellSouth sent me. Now, Andrew has stopped asking, "When is my internet gonna start working?!?" Went through three female support people... the last one was the "Vista expert". The first one was a woman who called herself "Dorothy", who had a heavy Indian accent.

Still a bit disheartened that there appears to be no drivers for my 8 year old HP Scanjet 4100C scanner for Vista. Thing still works well, hate to just give up on it. But... alas... maybe it's about time to go buy one of those "all-in-one" printer/scanner thingy-mabobs... I was amazed that my ancient Webcam32 software (which the company stopped development on ages ago) actually functions perfectly on Vista. The software I use to "split" my "computer cam" picture between Webcam32 and instant messengers, Splitcam, apparently needs a Vista update by the developer. I get driver errors when I try to run it.

Bought a set of Sony branded computer speakers after I got off work yesterday. Only speakers this new PC came with were the teeny-tiny ones built into the LCD monitor, and those things sound TERRIBLE!! The new Sony speakers even have a subwoofer.

After my much needed nap this morning, I re-downloaded all the XP updates for Andrew's computer (did a "restore" before giving it to him). He's got the anti-malware software I use now, along with AVG Free anti-virus. Now, I'm listening to Leo Laporte's radio show podcasts I've been missing while working, and I may head to the living room later to watch a little more of season 2 of "I Dream of Jeannie" I bought the other day. Won't be off again till Friday.