March 9th, 2007


Partially Up And Running

After work yesterday, I ran out to "Sam's Club" and picked up that new computer I've been threatening to buy lately. Got a few of my programs from the old computer up and running on it so far. Stayed up till nearly 3am last night monkeying around with the thing since I was off work today. Discovered that two of my three webcams aren't "Vista Compatible", along with my 8 year old HP Scanjet scanner.

Went ahead and put the old PC in Andrew's room, although it'll be awhile before he gets to actually use it. In the process of doing a complete system restore on it, and it's taking forever! Also, on my next day off (Monday), I need to work on getting this confounded Linksys router to function! Internet connection is fine with the new modem BellSouth sent me, but I for the life of me can't access the internet once it's connected to the router. Played around with it for nearly 4 hours this morning, to no avail.

Well... getting eye strain sitting in front of this 19" widescreen LCD monitor for hours on end... going to the living room to watch some of season 2 of "I Dream of Jeannie", that I also purchased yesterday, and try to enjoy my remaining time off from the cart pushing before I have to return at 2pm tomorrow afternoon...