March 5th, 2007


A little "excitement" at work yesterday...

Yesterday, some guy (my guess somewhere between 18-22) comes up to me on the parking lot, asking if I had found a cigarette pack (brand name "Kool") in any of the shopping carts I had brought up front. I told him I hadn't, then he goes on a rant that he needs to find it, because he had $460 in it. Still told him I hadn't seen it. He then proceeds to wander the parking lot, looking in shopping carts that were still out there.

He later goes into the store and a few minutes later, comes out with Todd, one of our co-managers. A few minutes after that, three vehicles from the West Monroe Police Department show up... all the time, the guy saying he's going to "sue" Wal-Mart for theft.

Later, on my lunch break, I find out what the commotion was really about. An employee inside the store found the cigarette pack on the floor. Only, there was no cash in it. Instead, two "joints" rolled in tobacco leaves. The manager had called the police about the matter, and they showed up while the guy was still looking through the shopping carts on the lot.

Not sure whether or not they took the guy in, being the stuff wan't on his person, but he was overheard saying something to the effect that he needed to call his paroll officer...

/working today 11am-8pm...
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