February 21st, 2007


Yes, I've Been "Quiet" Lately...

Went in Saturday to Wal-Mart to do my orientation and the CBL's(training tests) on the computer, finished them up when I went in Sunday, then was "introduced" to the parking lot. After pushing that many shopping carts, one tends to discover how "out of shape" one has let ones self get! Every bone in my body is still aching! After I got Andrew on his bus this morning, I laid back down for a few hours.

My "shift" varies from day to day. Sometimes 2pm-11pm, sometimes 11am-8pm, sometimes 7am-4pm, etc. No set off days, but I am off today and Friday of this week, and Saturday and Sunday of next week (their work week starts on Saturdays, so I have a "rare" three day weekend this weekend). Working Monday-Friday next week.

Only "scheduling" problem I see in the near future are the 7am-4pm shifts I have next Tuesday and Wednesday. Andrew's school bus doesn't run until around 7:10, and somebody needs to be here, otherwise, I'm 99.9% sure he'll forget to go out to catch it. My mom said she'd talk to her supervisor at the post office to see if she could come in a little later those two mornings though, so she can see he catches the bus.

Last night for some reason, I got violently sick to my stomach around 2am... the two hot dogs and slice of cheesecake I had before retiring for the night made a return appearance. Not sure if it was the result of the heat of the parking lot during the day, my sinuses draining back (did blow some nasty stuff out after the "upheaval"), or as my mom mentioned a few days ago, that she heard a stomach virus was making the rounds...


Saw the cat chasing something a while ago, discovered this was what it was...

Yes, I discovered by using the camera's macro feature my floor is dirtier than I thought...

In other news, we're havin' a heat wave... 80F outside at the moment... got my windows open and fans on.

/apologies to bair about posting that picture without a "cut" ;-)
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Damn, I need to lose weight! Probably will after a coupla months pushing shopping carts!

I was standing when my mom walked over from next door, maybe I was too close to the camera. She originally tried to call, but I forgot to turn the ringer back on the phone when I took my nap this morning.
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