January 22nd, 2007


Found Some More "El Cheapo" DVDs...

While I was out today, I stopped in the "Dollar Tree" store, to see if they had anything decent for sale. Found some more good old "public domain" DVD titles dirt cheap... "The Betty White Show"(4 episodes on the disc), "The Bob Cummings Show"(3 episodes on the disc), and two volumes of "Ozzie and Harriet"(with 3 episodes on each disc)... all at 50¢ each. Also found a three-pack of slim-line DVD cases, just enough for three DVDs I already had that only came in cardboard slipcovers, for $1.00. So now, those discs I bought of "The Jack Benny Show:Volume 3", "Dragnet", and "Get Smart Again!" finally have a plastic case.