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December 25th, 2006




Live from New York...

I'll have a lot of enjoyable viewing the next few days, thanks to my mom. She somehow knew I wanted this, so she got it for me for Xmas...

Watched the first disc (of 8 total) last night. Picture quality ain't "great", but what can you expect from a 31 year old TV show probably shot on cheap videotape anyway? Also, the content on the packaging has one mistake I've spotted already. One episode has listed on the box under musical guests, "Joe Cocker with John Belushi". This isn't THAT episode. This is the one with Belushi impersonating Cocker alone.

There's also an absurd TV commercial parody about a shaving razor with two blades, and the blades will fit into the single-blade cartridge handles... isn't that the most rediculous... oh, wait... nevermind...
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