December 21st, 2006


Extremely Random Updates

Yesterday evening, before retiring for the night, I rebooted the computer into "Safe Mode", and defragged the hard drive, something I haven't done in a little over a year.

Watched a rather "interesting" movie yesterday evening on "The Movie Channel". It was called "Planet of the Vampires". It was your typical low-budget horror/sci-fi movie made in the mid-1960's. One of those movies that was so bad it was good. Cheesy costumes, bad acting, bargin basement special effects... things I like in a movie!

Andrew just left with his "grandpa" Larry (the guy my mom was seeing when Andrew was very young, so Andrew considers him family...also the guy who bought him the 4-wheeler this summer) to go to his 20 acres of land down in Franklin Parish. They loaded up the 4-wheeler in the back of Larry's Dodge Ram, and will probably be gone most of the day.

I think I'm "coming down" with something. Had a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes for the past three days now.