December 19th, 2006



I just placed an order for season 1 of "Get Smart" on DVD, but guess I might be waiting a while for it... on the confirmation page, the status was listed as "Backordered"...


Signing Papers

When Andrew gets in from school, we've got to go over to "Cognitive Development Center" so I can sign some paperwork to continue his treatments there. They called late yesterday afternoon and wanted us to come in sometime today for that. He doesn't have an actual appointment again until January 9th. Not sure why they want him there for me signing papers... I could have already went over there and accomplished that by now. Didn't sleep well last night (yet again), and I'm starting to get very drowsy already.

We're Baaack...

Turns out Andrew needed to be there after all. We both had to sign the papers for his continuing treatments. They also gave me a bunch of sheets of paper stapled together called "OMH/MHR Individualized Service/Recovery Plan- Youth" that I need to peruse over.

Also, since, because of his earlier problems at school, they put him in a "contained" class, he doesn't have "mid-terms" like the kids in the other classes, so his "holiday" officially started when he was let out of school today. Mrs. Martin sent a letter home stating that. So, that means, he is now out of school until January 8th for the Xmas/New Years break.


Maybe I've got a "demented" sense of humor, but I almost spit what I was drinking all over my keyboard when I saw this on a Fark comment thread...

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