December 1st, 2006

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Well, ain't THIS nice... NOT!

My mom just called. She had to bring her car to the transmission shop, and asked me to come pick her up. Well, I go outside, get in my truck, and the freggin' thing won't start! I called the transmission place back, told her the truck won't start, so she's got someone from the shop bringing her home.


My son is looking forward to his 13th birthday tomorrow. He doesn't know he's getting a PS2 and a game he's been wanting, but he's very eager to find out what he's getting... kept nagging me and my mother if he could get his gift today instead. We're sticking firm to giving him his gifts on his actual birthday, which is tomorrow... so, he went to bed very early tonight with the intention of getting up very early in the morning to get his gifts. His gifts are being "stored" next door at my moms place, and due to her car problems, she will be home tomorrow, instead of running her mail route.