November 3rd, 2006


Live close to a lake, but hate "phishing"

Just sent an email to a locally owned bank, Ouachita Independent Bank, about a "phishing" attempt that showed up in my email today. I don't have an account with them, but I thought they should know about it, since they aren't one of those "national" chains. I included all the headers from the email, and the text of the email, with the munged link included. Hate to see a local company potentially ripped off, because some people that might have accounts with them might not be as computer savvy as I am (and I don't claim to be no where near an expert), and may blindly click a fake link and hand over all their sensitive details.


As you may remember, a while back, I went and voted in a state/parish referendem. Well, now the private company that was going to buy the local hospital, and was going to, as a condition of the buyout, keep the free medical clinics at the local schools (the one my son currently attends), is backing out, because of the parish "police jurors", who suddenly are "against" the sale, after the majority of the parish approved it in that election. The Glenwood Medical Center is bleeding money left and right, and will have to stop the non-profit stuff without the sale. The FUCKING "police jury" obviously doesn't give a damn about the voters in the parish! Why bother voting if your vote doesn't count??

/rant over

Ouachita Parish Police Jury = ASSHATS!

Why the fuck do we still have an antiquated system like "police juries" anyway??
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