November 1st, 2006


Not sure if it's getting through or not, but...

I've been having discussions with my son, letting him know what his constant bad actions at school will result in. After the talks with the school councelor, then going online to verify what she said, I let Andrew know exactly where he will end up if he doesn't "straighten up". The school says one more suspension, they call in a disiplinary officer, and he's going to a special school for kids that are expelled. If he still causes trouble there, they will lock him up in a juvenile detention center, where ANY "freedoms" he might have had left here will be gone.

As I said, I've explained as well as I can to him the resulting circumstances of his actions. Whether or not he'll pay heed to my speeches, I have yet to find out. If he doesn't, then he'll be totally responsible for where he may wind up.

He NEEDS to hurry and straighten up so I can start looking for work again. I don't know of any job I might would be able to get that would put up with me having to leave and go get him every other day for this, that, or the other. My mom even suggested I hold off on the job search until we can figure out something with him.