September 30th, 2006



Just returned home from voting. There were some state constitutional amendments on the ballot (voted FOR most of those), district judge race (voted Leehy), sale of Glenwood Hospital to a corporation (voted FOR), and two tax adding items for the sheriff's department and the correctional center (voted AGAINST both... don't need more taxes, and all the police jury is doing is wasting money anyway that could have went for those services). They got some new voting machines since last time I voted. We used to have those "lever" machines, now they've got push screen electronic ones.

Now, getting comfy in my desk chair to listen to the online stream of Leo Laporte's radio show in a few minutes...

Talk About Digging Up Old Posts!!

Back on September 13,2000 , I made this post about my ex brother-in-law getting arrested, and how amused I was by the picture in the newspaper of him getting dragged off in handcuffs.

While going through some old unlabeled CD-R's this afternoon, I found a scan I made of the picture in the newspaper, which I didn't include in the original post, maybe because in 2000, I was still on dial-up, and it would have taken "forever" to upload it...

My son says his uncle is currently spending his 60-year sentence in the state pen at Angola. He's probably made a lot of "friends" there.