September 23rd, 2006


Strange, Vivid Dreams

Had two rather strange dreams last night. In the first, I was in the kitchen, and a huge wind suddenly came up outside. The house started shaking, and I had to lay down on the floor. Next thing I know, the house started lifting up sideways, and I slid across the floor onto the bottom kitchen cabinets. That one was so "realistic" it woke me up, and my heart was beating ninety to nothing!

In the second, it was raining heavily outside. Next thing I knew, the spot in the kitchen ceiling where the leak was recently, started sagging, and water started pouring in. My son was near the spot, and I made him come into the other room where I was. Right after that, the ceiling caved in. Several other leaks started throughout the house after that, and I had to go around covering all my electronics with plastic garbage bags.

Wonder what the deal was, having two dreams almost in a row, and both having to do with house damage and weather? That has NEVER happened before, as long as I can remember...
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Movin' Stuff From Here To There

While my mom took Andrew with her shopping, I did something he's been asking about for nearly two months now, I moved the extra desk here in the "computer room" into his bedroom. He said it'd be a good place for him to do his homework. Had an old dresser in my bedroom I wasn't using for much, and moved it here in the computer room to put all my important papers and stuff that was in that desk into. He'll be surprised when he gets home.

In other news, a few thunderstorms just rumbled through the area, and so far the house is still "standing"... (see previous post)