September 12th, 2006


Missed the Bus

Andrew messed around and missed his bus again this morning. Wasn't quite as inconvenient this time however, since I had to go to the school today anyway, to drop off that extra Albuterol inhaler at the school clinic. I dropped him off on the end of the school where he enters, then went to the office and dropped off his doctors excuse for being off yesterday. After that, I was directed to the clinic to drop off the inhaler, the doctors instructions, and the signed form from the eye doctor stating he has been prescribed glasses. They had me fill out some more papers, like emergency contacts, how much I knew of his medical history, etc. Had to wait around a while though. The clinic was supposed to open at 7:30am, and no one got there till almost 7:50am.

Then, since the doctor wanted him off caffiene while taking the Albuterol, and he's gotten just as used to coffee in the mornings as I have, I went by Brookshires and got some Decaf Folgers (we already have a second, small 2-cup coffee pot he can use just for his), and a 12-pack of caffiene-free Pepsi, since he likes Pepsi too.

I've spent the rest of the day trying to take it easy... this repiratory infection ain't lettin' go very fast!
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