September 11th, 2006


Still Feeling Crappy, But...

I'm keeping my son out of school today for his two appointments over at Conway Hospital. The first, at 8:20am is for his eye exam, to see about getting him some glasses (since I found out just recently he had some, but the ex didn't send them), and the second, at 9:20am (will probably be later, knowing Conway), for a check-up about the asthma attack he had on Labor Day afternoon. Need to get the eye doctor there to fill out a paper the school sent to me, confirming his eyes have been examined. Also need to ask the pediatritian to make an extra prescription for the Albuterol inhaler, so he can have one at the school in case of emergencies as suggested by the school psychologist). I don't really expect to get back home till after noon, if I do, it'll surprise me!
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All Day At Conway

I was right. Those two appointments for Andrew today took up most of the day. We got there a little after 8:00am. While waiting for the triage call, the electricity in the hospital went out for about three minutes. It was pitch black dark in there! Around 9:00am, he was called back for the eye exam triage. After that, we waited for about another hour, then saw the eye doctor, who dilated Andrew's eyes and did a thorough exam. He wrote a prescription for eye glasses.

About an hour after that, Andrew got called back to the medical triage room, then got sent on back to an exam room. The doctor asked a lot of questions, read over his report from the emergency room Labor Day afternoon. She noticed Andrew sounded a bit "stuffy", and sent him for an x-ray of his sinuses. After reading the x-ray, she determined he had a nasty sinus infection. She wrote him prescriptions for antibiotics ("horse pill" sized) and decongestant pills, along with two more Albuterol inhalers (one for home, one to keep at the school's nurses office in case of emergency) and a note about the directions for the school nurse. The doctor also told Andrew to lay off caffiene and chocolate, since the Albuterol itself would make him "overly hyper" (something I haven't heard from any other doctor yet). He has another follow-up appointment on the 25th of this month.

After leaving Conway, we went to the only place I knew of right off where I could get his eye glass prescription filled using Medicaid, "Dillingham Optical Dispensary" in Monroe. Scott (who I know from working with at Burger King ages ago, and was last seen by me at "Haik Humble" in West Monroe, where my mom gets her eye work done) got him fixed up with a pair of glasses, and said they should be ready to pick up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Then, we went by Walgreens and got his medical prescriptions, by the time we got home, it was around 3:05pm.

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