September 6th, 2006


Day In Review

This morning, I got an IM from an old friend. She let me know of a job prospect. Her husband is manager of the local "Spenser Gifts" store in the mall. I went this morning and turned in an application, and I return Friday afternoon at 2:00pm for a formal interview. He had that very "new wave" look about him, which I think fits the store (always liked the store). Me, however, I look like an extra from a 1930's "B-movie".... I may look somewhat "out of place"...

In other news, went for the IEP meeting at Andrew's school. For most of the meeting, there was Andrew, me, and 5 women (psychologist, councelor, head of special ed department, his teacher, and the speech teacher). The teacher and the head of the department said Andrew hadn't been doing his homework (he kept telling me he had none when I asked), and was rude in class on a daily basis. They had his school records from Baton Rouge AND Nebraska, and are going to put him on a strict 60-day evalutation period, to determine exactly what classes he should be in, since he seems "above" some of the material in his current class, and "below" some others.
As for the homework, starting Tuesday (got to keep him out Monday for his eye exam and doctor check-up), they will be sending home a folder detailing his homework, and both he and I will have to initial it once he completes his homework. I've told him, if he doesn't "straighten up and fly right" from now on, I'm "blocking" every channel on his television except CSPAN and CSPAN2!

Finally, last bit of news... I found the head of the Special Ed Department, the psychologist, and the speech teacher to be highly "hittable"...
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